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Posture Alignment books used by

Egoscue University

"Pain Free"


Pete Egoscue
A breakthrough system for eliminating chronic pain without drugs, surgery, or expensive physical therapy.

He segued from patient to physical therapist, and now runs a famous clinic in San Diego, where he claims he's helped 95 percent of his patients cure chronic pain--including Jack Nicklaus and Charles Barkley, whose athletic careers he helped prolong. At the heart of his program are stretches and motion exercises to restore proper function to muscles and joints.

His methods are often surprising and counterintuitive. For example, for foot pain, he suggests a series of hip exercises.

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Pete Egoscue

An anatomical functionalist, Pete Egoscue, founder of The Egoscue Method Clinic in San Diego, has been practicing and perfecting his 'Pain Free' method since 1971. He helps more than 25,000 people a year recover from chronic pain.

The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion

by Pete Egoscue

The heart of this important book consists of twenty-two easy-to-do, highly effective exercises that stretch, strengthen, and relax the body, allowing a return to proper alignment.

Egoscue, who runs clinics in California and Florida, shows three common "conditions" of misalignment and offers simple exercises designed to counteract the condition by strengthening the relevant muscles. He also discusses the most popular types of aerobic exercises and how they may affect each condition. A good purchase for public libraries.

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"Pain Free at Your PC"

by Pete Egoscue
Avoid or treat common, but debilitating repetitive stress injuries, including carpal tunnel syndrome.

His philosophy is that carpal tunnel surgery, ergonomic chairs, and pain-killing medicines are poor choices for the treatment of this pain and that only the realignment of the body and correction of muscle weakness can fix computer-related stiff necks, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In plans for low, moderate, and heavy users of computers, Egoscue offers well-illustrated stretches and strengthening exercises.

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"Pain Free for Women"

by Pete Egoscue
Proven program of holistic exercise specially adapted for women that will transform the way you feel-forever!

In his famed San Diego clinic, Pete Egoscue has taught women of all ages and from all walks of life how to use the Egoscue Method for safe, effective, and permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers, physical therapy, or invasive surgery. Now he shares his specially adapted “Pain Free” program for women to use at home.

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Body's Design  Restored by functional Exercises

The body always remembers its design memory, so when you start changing the stimulus with exercises the body has no choice, it changes. The goal is to allow the body to return to its birthright, its design template, and it can because it never forgets the memory. All we're doing is providing the necessary stimulus by doing the simple exerciese.

Uddhava (David) Ramsden Egoscue Trained

Uddhava (David) Ramsden 

Certified Posture Alignment Specialist by Egoscue University


You can't complain about chronic pain if you are not helping the situation. We've convinced ourselves that we're fragile and complicated, and because of that only experts can help us solve our problems. It's just not true.

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